As a not-for-profit organization entirely powered by the kindness and efforts of local volunteers, resources are often tight when it comes to acquiring newer technology, maintaining the museum building, and preserving documents and historical artifacts of all kinds before they are lost to the community. Your support of our efforts is greatly appreciated!

If you reside in the area of Eastern Nova Scotia and are interested in joining our team of volunteers please contact us!


If you are enjoying what you see on this website, or at the museum, please consider donating to help maintain our building and allow us to remain open during summer months. It is difficult and often expensive to keep up a historical building and repairs are costly, especially with COVID, and we have been unable to do any fundraising.

We can accept financial donations by:

  •  e-transfer – sent to Auto-deposit is enabled so no password is required.
  • cheques – please make all cheques out to Cape George Heritage School Museum.
    Cheques can be mailed to:

    6480 Hwy 337
    Cape George Point, Nova Scotia
    B2G 2L2 

Artifact Donations

If you have any artifacts that you think might be useful to show what early life at the Cape was like, please contact us! You may not think that something is relevant, but there is a good chance we may disagree. We showcase items relating to fishing, farming, and life in general. We are always looking to expand our collection with interesting new items.

Photographs, Slides or Documents

If you are geographically close to us, any photograph, slides or documents you think would benefit the community collection can be collected from you. For best results we like to scan what you have to ensure the best quality. We are able to return the items to you quickly. If you are located a distance from us, then emailing the items will work just fine. The benefit of sharing your photographs and documents with us is that we are able to repair images to some degree before adding them to our archives. You then have access to a better quality, often repaired item.