McDonald, Donald

4 Jul 1910

At S.S. Cape George, Ant, Co., on Monday, July 4th, Donald McDonald, aged 70 years.  Mr. McDonald was born in West  Merigomish, Pictou Co., where he resided for 42 years, performing his duties as a worthy citizen.  In 1873 he removed to S.S. Cape George.  Here he built for himself a beautiful home, wherein was found hospitality and kindness.  A man of the finest mould, a sterling Catholic and an upright citizen, his clergy had always in him a generous supporter.  For 37 years he acted as church warden, his sound judgment and indefatigable zeal winning him the love and good will of his pastor and of the people. The number of expressions of sorrow evoked at this being summoned out of life, and the widespread manifestation of respect and esteem, spoke eloquently of his integrity and goodness of heart.  He is survived by four sons and two daughters, one brother and three sisters.  His loss is also mourned by a host of friends in Pictou Co. as well as in Antigonish.  On Wednesday, July 7th, after a requiem High Mass, celebrated by Father Beaton, his remains were laid to rest in St. Columba’s cemetery, where a very large number of friends and relatives gathered to pay him their last tribute of respect.