McEachern, Hugh (Capt.)

24 Mar 1909

McEachern, Donald L. (25 Mar 1909)

The deaths of two aged brothers with but a brief interval between each – one occurring on the 24th, ult., and the other on the 25th ult, – and their joint funeral on the 26th ult., is a rare and touching happening at the termination of long lives.  The deaths took place at Cape George, Ant.  The respected and aged dead are Capt. Hugh McEachern and Donald L. McEachern, Esq., aged respectively 81 and 83  In each case death came as a result of old age.  The two brothers in their coffins, lying side by side in the Church of the Holy Rosary, after their long and honored earthly careers, was an impressive sight.  Father Beaton offered High Mass and followed by a feeling reference to the good lives of the brothers and their sincere preparation for the life to come.  Captain McEachern was well known among sea-faring men in his earlier days; he owned and commanded the schooner “Hatfield” for many years.  Donald L. McEachern was an honest and industrious man.  His comfortable and happy home, wherein he reared three sons and seven daughters, was presided over for the remarkably long period of 59 years  by his wife, Mary Gillis of South River, who survives him.  He was a Councillor for the District, a Church Warden and an earnest worker for all movements calculated to promote the happiness of his neighbors.  May they rest in peace.