Petition Dated 15 Feb. 1817 Requesting Aid.

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February 15, 1817

To his Excellency Lieutenant General The Right Honorable George ??? of Dalhousie, Knight Grand ??? of the Most Honorable Military order of the ???Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesty’s province of Nova Scotia and it’s ??? and to His Majesty’s Council and House of Assembly.

The petition of the Inhabitants of the Districts of Antigonish, Cape George and the Gulf Settlements in the County of Sydney.

Humbly showeth

That the failure of the crops the two last seasons, together with the great Imigration from Scotland and Ireland into these parts  (without ??? to support ??? ??? ???

And to add to their ??? the uncommon severity of the present season has destroyed not only the scanty supply of potatoes that was expected would afford them some relief for the present, but also the seed.   In consequence whereof this past of the County is reduced to a ??? famine such as we never before experienced.

The very liberal supply of flour His Excellency the Governor (aided by the Honourable Michael Wallace Enquire?) was pleased to lend for the relief  of the ??? in these parts (which was received with gratitude) will soon be consumed and a great many shall still appear like the lean ??? of Pharaoh after devouring the fat ??? – Notwithstanding our wish to retain as much of ??? in our hand until the later part of winter or the spring. This one half of the supplies sent to us (being 12? Barrels of flour)has already been distributed amongst the Emmigrants , widows and ???, with the exception of a few poor families.  

Had our store house been full in the years o plenty and retained title now, we might be amply supplied, but now, not all the money, cattle nor land in the ??? of the ??? ??? farmer in these ??? can purchase one barrel of flour, nor even the smallest supply of potatoes in this place.  

   We wish also to observe to your Excellency and ??? that ??? a large supply ??? and ??? that ??? a large supplies of seed shall be provided and sent here by Governer – ??? a great quantity of land will lay waste for ??? thereof, which was the case in some ??? last year.  

   Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Excellence and Honoury will take the case of the ??? people in these districts into your most ??? consideration by granting these ??? further supplies of bread and also seed (wheat and potatoes) as to you in your ??? may seem ???.

   And your ??? in duty bound will ever pray for.