1882 Letter from Attorney General Granting William Condon Early Pension

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Cape St. George June 8th 1882

Honorable J SD Thompson

Atty General

Dear Sir

My sons appointment as keeper of this Light Station was rec’d from Ottawa by last Fridays mail.  I also had a letter from Judge McDonald on Monday last, informing me that he had seen an Official notification addressed to you – that my application for Superannuation had been accepted, and that William was appointed my successor on the 23rd May.  The Judge also said that you were entitled to every credit for your good and kind offices.  I fully intended going to Antigonish next week but have been very ill the last three weeks and do not know whether I will be able to travel or not, but in case I may not have the pleasure of thanking you in person, I beg leave now to say how grateful I am for your kindness and offer you my sincere and heartfelt thanks for all the trouble you have taken in my behalf. 

I remain very respectfully yours

D. Condon

I have particular reasons for wishing that this matter should not be made public for some time, at least not til after 1st July.