Through the years the landscape around the cape has changed dramatically.  Once, the land needed to be cleared.  Houses and farms sprung up.  Fields were full of crops and animals.  Now, as life changed once again, the landscape continues to change.  Tree’s and bush have grown over areas once clear.   Homes fall into ruin or disappear completely.   Businesses that once were vital no longer exist.  And with these changes a lot of history disappears.  

This map shows some of the locations of homes and businesses that are no longer here.   It shows our lovely older homes that still exist in various states.  If you’ve ever driven around and saw older homes and wondered who lived there, now you may be able to find out.   Zoom into the map and click on any of the icons.  Any information or photos of the location have been added.   For certain locations like the lighthouse and school, more than one icon exists to represent the different builds at that location.  If you can add to the information present, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

To open the map bigger and see map menu options, click the square in the top right of the map.